1. New Mares Tri-Material 1st Stage High Pressure Poppet Seat for Mares Scuba Diving Regulator (46200652)
  2. New St. Moritz Momentum M1 Twist Women's Dive Watch & Underwater Timer for Scuba Divers with Fuschia Bezel, Black Hyper Rubber Band & FREE Watch Protector (Valued at $12.95) for Added Protection to the Glass Face of Your Dive Watch
  3. New Apollo AV-1 & AV-2 DPV Scooter Casing O-Ring (Red)
  4. New Aeris Battery Kit for the CompuMask Scuba Diving Computer
  5. New St. Moritz Momentum Pathfinder II ti Alarm Women's Dive Watch & Underwater Timer for Scuba Divers with White Dial & Black
  6. Dig for Prehistoric Fossil Shark Teeth - 5 Fossilized Shark Teeth Guaranteed in Every Pound Bag (Eocene Period - 58-62 Million Years Old)
  7. New Dacor Scuba Diving Regulator Annual Service Kit with Dacor's Isometric Exploded View Drawing - XP, Formula, Ice, & Dry Ice 2nd Stage
  8. New 34 Inch Stainless Steel Tahitian Style Shaft with Point and Wing for Arbalete Spearguns (Newer Version)
  9. New Sherwood Scuba Diving Regulator Service Kit - Sherwood Blizzard - SRB3900 (4000-15)
  10. New Tilos 1.5mm 5-Finger Neoprene Gloves with Amara Palm for Scuba Diving & Snorkeling (Large)
  11. New AERIS Velocity Full Foot Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Fins - Yellow (Size 5-6/Small)
  12. New Art to Media Underwater Waterproof 3D Dive Site Map - Vandenberg Stern in Key West, Florida (8.5 x 5.5 Inches) (21.6 x 15cm)
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